This claims to be the 'world's most advanced pen' that digitises writing

Dutch startup Nuwa claims to have invented the “world’s most advanced pen” that digitises notes written by hand.

Nuwa plans to launch the device this March. The Groningen-based company today announced a fresh cash injection of €1.5mn to boost the development of the product, which uses an inbuilt camera system, motion sensors, and algorithms to capture text written on paper.

“Just write, and Nuwa Pen digitises,” Marc Tuinier, Nuwa’s CEO, told TNW.

All the notes are then stored on the startup’s app. They can then be organised, shared, and integrated with other apps.

A particularly intriguing feature is Augmented Notes, which extracts rich text items such as dates, to-dos, and phone numbers from the notes. Users can then synchronise the data with, for instance, their calendar, to-do app, or phonebook.

The feature is integrated with over 50 apps, including Google Drive, Trello, and Evernote. Nuwa compares it to a personal assistant that puts you on top of your schedule.

A side view of the Nuwa Pen