The best funding options for late-stage startups

“Entrepreneurs navigating the later stages of a startup face a mine field of funding options, and not all of them are suitable for their business,” writes David Spreng, founder and CEO of  Runway Growth Capital.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to raising money, but David walks through some of the options to help you choose the right one for your business. For example, a strategic partnership might be more suitable and can often help drive business growth. Another option might be to apply for a government grant, if that makes sense for your company.

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Ask Sophie: How do we transfer H-1Bs? Can we transfer green cards too?

lone figure at entrance to maze hedge that has an American flag at the center

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch

Dear Sophie,

My colleague and I work for a large tech company. We have an idea that we want to pursue for our startup. We’re both on H-1B visas. Our I-140 EB-2 green card petitions have been approved, but we’re waiting for our priority dates to become current for our green cards. How do we get our H-1Bs transferred to a new startup? Can our green cards be transferred to our new startup too?

— Emerging Entrepreneur

Here’s where founders screw up their pitch decks most often

Knocking a square peg into a round hole; product investor

Image Credits: CatLane (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Resident pitch expert Haje Jan Kamps trained an AI model on thousands of pitch decks; the tool analyzes pitch decks and offers feedback. Of all the decks the tool analyzed, just 6% included all the information the AI robot is looking for. Haje offers some tips on how to fix some common mistakes people make when putting together their slides.

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Choosing the right deep tech fund manager: 4 essential questions for investors and founders

Human resource, Talent management, Recruitment employee, Successful business team leader concept

Image Credits: marchmeena29 (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

More generalist investors are starting to call themselves deep tech investors, writes Champ Suthipongchai, co-founder and general partner at Creative Ventures. Before choosing your deep tech fund manager, it’s probably a good idea to answer some questions like: Does their investment approach make sense?

How to set up and use a CRM to run your VC fundraising process

Recruit and hire human resources (HR) concept. Marketing segmentation, targeting, personalization, individual customer care (service), customer relationship management (CRM) and leader concepts. (Recruit and hire human resources (HR) concept. Marketin

Image Credits: Jirsak (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

CRMs aren’t just for sales teams. Founders can use these tools to help streamline relations with investors. A good CRM can help you track interactions, remind you to follow up with people, and produce in-depth reports.

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