TechCrunch Minute: YC’s Demo Day highlights our AI startup bubble

Well-known startup accelerator Y Combinator held one of its two yearly demo day events this week, showcasing hundreds of startups that recently went through its program. Judging from our coverage of the two-day event, TechCrunch found lots to like in the presenting companies. Though, if you are a bit tired of the AI chatter, you aren’t going to have too much fun looking at the rundown.

There was lots more than just AI on display, so for today’s TechCrunch Minute I compiled a few trends and vibes from the shindig for your enjoyment. Certainly try to tune in live if you can, but if not, let us take you through the highlights and trends that were on display.

Accelerators play an important role in the startup world, giving founders early capital and advice as they get off the ground. Y Combinator competes with Techstars and other platforms globally. But with its history of backing some big successes, competition or not we tune into YC’s events. Hit play and let’s talk about the latest round:

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