LoanDepot says 16.6M customers had 'sensitive personal' information stolen in cyberattack

About 16.6 million LoanDepot customers had their “sensitive personal” information” stolen in a cyberattack earlier this month, which the loan and mortgage giant has described as a ransomware attack.

The loan company said in a filing with federal regulators on Monday that it would notify the affected customers of the data breach.

LoanDepot did not say what kind of sensitive and personal customer data was stolen. When reached by email, LoanDepot spokesperson Jonathan Fine declined to tell TechCrunch what specific types of customer data was taken.

While LoanDepot says on its cyber incident updates page that it has brought some customer portals back online, many of its online services remain inaccessible into their second week. LoanDepot chief executive Frank Martell said in the filing that the company is making progress in “quickly bringing our systems back online and restoring normal business operations.”

Customers have said they have been unable to make payments or access their online accounts since the incident, which began around January 8.

LoanDepot said it has “not yet determined” whether the cybersecurity incident will materially impact the company’s financial condition.

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