Deal Dive: Training the workforce for the clean energy transition

Innovation in clean tech and renewable energy is moving fast — maybe a bit too fast.

While there is no shortage of clean tech solutions available in today’s market (and in the works for the future), we now have a new problem: A shortage of folks who can install and maintain the tech.

The clean tech industry is expected to create 8 million jobs by the end of 2030, according to a recent report by the International Energy Agency. These numbers are apparently based on current policies, and if more resources go toward the clean energy transition, the report’s authors expect the number to rise, too. But the creation of more jobs doesn’t mean there will be enough trained folks to fill them.

Berlin-based Montamo wants to solve this problem. The startup hires and trains folks to install and maintain sustainable heat pumps. It trains people new to the trades, provides upskilling training to those who have some experience, and has its workers install and maintain equipment for other companies. The company hopes to expand into other areas, like solar power, as it grows.

Montamo wants to have a positive social impact as well, co-founder Alexander Boehm told TechCrunch+. Boehm said the company wants to be intentional about hiring and training migrant workers, as it can be hard for migrants to get a good job in Germany regardless of their skills or background. That’s something Boehm witnessed firsthand when he was working as a director of operations for quick-grocery delivery startup Gorillas, and he doesn’t want their skills to go to waste.

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