AI Impact Tour arrives in Boston on March 27: A focus on data integrity in generative AI

Join leaders in Boston on March 27 for an exclusive night of networking, insights, and conversation. Request an invite here.

On March 27, we’ll host the next installment of our AI Impact Tour in Boston, focusing on the practical application of generative AI in enterprise settings, with a particular emphasis on the critical role of data integrity.

Caroline Arnold, CIO of State Street, and David Clifford, the head of data science and machine learning at Biogen, will share their approaches to generative AI and the importance of data. Personally, I’m looking forward to moderating these conversations, and fostering a wider discussion with attendees about how they’re approaching the question of data integrity amid the revolution that is unfolding around generative AI.

State Street, based in Boston, is one of the country’s largest banks by assets, with $3.7 trillion under management. It is also one of the largest custodian banks, and is considered one of the “big three” index fund managers. It has 400 AI engineers working on a range of AI applications, from building smarter portfolios, to improving data quality, to giving clients conversational access to knowledge, documentation, trade status, portfolio data and news.

Leading biotech company Biogen, meanwhile, has a history of adopting cutting edge technology into the scientific discovery process, including machine learning and generative AI. Both organizations illustrate the broader industry challenge of applying AI within specific domains. While general large language models like ChatGPT’s GPT-4 can do well in broad contexts like generating conversational content or text, they aren’t as equipped by themselves to do well in specialized areas like finance or biotech. They need advanced techniques like retrieval augmented generation (RAG), proper training and other steps to ensure data integrity. 

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The AI Impact Tour – Boston

We’re excited for the next stop on the AI Impact Tour in Boston on March 27th. This exclusive, invite-only event, in partnership with Microsoft, will feature discussions on best practices for data integrity in 2024 and beyond. Space is limited, so request an invite today.

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This exclusive salon event, limited to 50 attendees, is designed for enterprise technical decision-makers. Apply here to attend the event, where you’ll dive into the intriguing world of generative AI, learn from others’ experiences in implementing AI, and get to share how you’re making applications with underlying data that is transparent, accountable and fair. Enjoy networking opportunities, food and cocktails

State Street’s Arnold and Biogen’s Clifford will discuss the importance of building reliable foundation models in their respective fields of banking and enhancing drug discovery processes, thereby helping attendees learn what it takes to transfer generative AI to their own fields of practice.

The potential of generative AI is vast, yet it faces significant challenges common across industries. A major hurdle is ensuring a large language model (LLM) is fed with data that is accurate, representative, and complete. This challenge of data integrity is not unique to finance and biotech but extends to various sectors, including healthcare, automotive, and retail, among others.

Arnold and Clifford will explore several core issues related to data integrity in building generative AI applications:

  • Data integrity basics: The necessity of tracking and storing data accurately. In finance, this helps with accurate financial reporting and analysis, compliance with regulatory standards, and maintaining trust with clients. In biotech, this supports the entire lifecycle of data from clinical trials to regulatory submissions. In other industries, these basic requirements are different, but still there.
  • Data representativeness: The limitations of popular foundation models like GPT-4, which might not be suitable for specialized industries due to the risk of incorporating inaccurate information.
  • Completeness of data: The struggle for individual companies to gather sufficient data on their own, highlighting the need for industry collaboration to acquire a comprehensive dataset.

In addition, Kathleen Mitford, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Azure, will share insights on the diverse uses of generative AI across industries, partly due to Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI. I want to thank Microsoft for sponsoring this event and making it possible.

In sum, the Boston AI Impact Tour is a great opportunity for enterprise technical decision-makers to learn about navigating the complexities of data integrity in the age of AI. With limited seats available, we encourage interested participants to apply right away.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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