Critical 2024 AI policy blueprint: Unlocking potential and safeguarding against workplace risks

Some of the biggest technological innovations have transpired over the past few years across the artificial intelligence and blockchain industries, independently.

And even though the two sectors are reaching different levels of mainstream adoption, they are also facing challenges that the other could potentially help alleviate, according to a new report TenSquared Capital (10SQ) shared exclusively with TechCrunch+.

“I think AI needs blockchain more than the other way around,” whether or not the industry realizes it, 10SQ founder Stan Miroshnik said.

The AI sector needs more secure data sharing and decentralization marketplaces for its models so people can contribute to its networks. AI also needs model validations and auditing, which blockchain technology can help with, Miroshnik said. On the flip side, blockchain technology can benefit from AI models and agents in real time to improve moderating for vulnerabilities, among other things.

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