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In a new YouTube analysis released to his 502,000 followers, crypto strategist Miles Deutscher shared his insights on the evolving landscape of crypto investments. Deutscher’s discourse delved deep into the inefficacies of traditional venture capital (VC) investment models in the crypto space and proposed an alternative strategy focusing on certain altcoins which he believes are poised for significant growth.

Deutscher criticized the conventional VC-backed token launches, stating, “VCs get in at super low valuations […] Then, when these tokens launch, they’re incentivized to launch them as high as possible in fully diluted valuation terms.” This practice, he argued, results in launch prices that are too steep, blocking effective price discovery mechanisms essential for healthy market participation by retail investors.The subsequent overvaluation typically leads to rapid price declines as initial investors quickly sell off their holdings to realize gains.

Highlighting a shift in market dynamics, Deutscher pointed out that meme coins have gained popularity as a form of retaliation against the VC-dominated ecosystem. “People do feel like the game has been rigged and they want to gain an edge,” he explained. According to him, the success of meme coins can be attributed to their generally fairer launch processes compared to traditional VC-funded tokens.

To 8 Altcoins To Buy Now

Throughout his video, Deutscher listed eight altcoins that align with this new investment “meta,” emphasizing tokens that are “fully diluted and have equally good narratives.” Each coin is selected based on its tokenomics, Fully Diluted Valuation” (FDV), market position, and potential for growth without significant sell pressure from initial large holders:

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Solana (SOL): Deutscher views Solana as a leader due to its technological prowess and significant community backing. It has shown resilience and innovation, making it one of his largest holdings due to consistent outperformance. “Solana has climbed to be one of my biggest holdings due to its outperformance. It’s a leader in the market for a reason, and congrats to everyone that’s gotten on board the Solana train with me.”

Ton (TON): TON’s attractive FDV ratio suggests a stable market entry with less speculative risk compared to other high-valuation launches. Deutscher highlights its potential for growth without overwhelming sell pressure. He stated: “TON, being another layer one, is not just another blockchain. Okay, it’s relatively highly valued, but it’s mostly diluted in the market, which is good. Its FDV ratio is actually 68, so it’s a stable investment.”

NEAR Protocol (NEAR): NEAR is emphasized as a strong AI proxy due to its technological foundation and leadership. Its high level of dilution (91% FDV) means most tokens are in circulation, reducing sell pressure. “NEAR comes in at a whopping 91% fully diluted, which means there isn’t much sell pressure. I do think NEAR is one of the top L1s, especially acting as a very strong AI proxy because the founder has his roots in AI,” Deutscher remarked.

Injective Protocol (INJ): With a 94% market cap to FDV ratio, INJ is seen as having robust market health and less price suppression from unlocks. Deutscher believes it is poised for resurgence based on its strong fundamentals and recent market behaviors. “Injective has a 94% market cap to FDV ratio, which is really impressive and is one that outperformed earlier in the year but has just started to stagnate a bit. I think at some point, this is definitely going to rear its head again as a narrative,” he stated.

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Arweave (AR): Deutscher praises Arweave as one of the top infrastructure plays, not just for data storage but also for its potential integration with AI. The fact that it’s fully diluted means minimal sell pressure moving forward. “Arweave positions itself as one of the top infrastructure plays. It’s still not a crazy FDV at 3.1, considering it has a 100% circulating market cap, which means all of the unlocks have taken place.”

AIOZ Network (AIOZ): AIOZ fits into the AI and decentralized content narrative with its unique offering in decentralized streaming and storage solutions. The fully diluted status of AIOZ tokens makes them particularly appealing.”AIOZ is another coin that is fully diluted in the market. It’s a coin in the deep tech/AI sector. I like what they’re building and it also includes decentralized storage, but also it’s decentralized AI compute network,” Deutscher explained.

WIF: Dogwifhat’s fair launch process and full dilution are major pluses, helping it to achieve strong price performance without the usual VC-induced sell pressure, according to Deutscher.

PEPE: Deutscher has personally seen substantial returns from Pepe, noting its recent “healthy cool off” as an opportune time for accumulation. The coin’s community-driven approach and meme status offer unique market resilience. “Pepe is another leading meme coin in my opinion. Very healthy cool off and one that I’m welcoming as someone that would like to get more exposure,” he revealed.

High Potential Cryptos With Low Float, High FDV

Deutscher also discussed the potential of investing in low float, high FDV tokens under specific conditions. Using Ondo Finance (ONDO) as a case study, he detailed how a deep understanding of tokenomics could reveal hidden opportunities. “ONDO’s vesting schedule is public, showing that most insiders are locked till 2025, minimizing sell pressure and allowing for price appreciation,” he noted.

Concluding his analysis, Deutscher urged his viewers to adopt a nuanced investment strategy that leverages both market trends and in-depth token analysis. He emphasized the importance of buying during periods of “extreme fear” and selling during “extreme greed” to maximize returns.

At press time, SOL traded at $183.33.

Solana SOL price
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