Rising interest rates are helping more than just fintech-focused companies

As 2023 comes to a close, a critical cohort of tech companies has regained the value it lost after the summer rally, potentially setting the stage for a stronger IPO cycle in early 2024 than some may anticipate. Cloud stocks are back, y’all!

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Let’s do a quick recap to refresh our memories.

Earlier this year, we saw three companies go public in quick succession: Arm, Instacart and Klaviyo‘s IPOs represented a liquidity peak, but they failed to inspire other tech companies to a rush towards the public market.

The three companies had pretty good IPOs, too, but they mostly failed to make the sort of splash some had hoped for. Arm’s stock has performed well compared to its IPO price (trading at $71.30 per share today, up from its $51 list price), but Klaviyo and Instacart haven’t fared as well. Klaivyo’s shares are trading 24 cents above its IPO price, while Instacart’s stock is trading at about $5 less than its listing price this morning.

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