Taking the long view on crypto

“It’s the single best time to invest in [crypto] companies,” according to 10T Holdings and 1RoundTable Partners’ CEO, Dan Tapiero. Crypto reporter Jacquelyn Melinek has the inside scoop on why his firm is taking the long view to ride out the volatility of the web3 landscape as it raises its fourth fund.

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There’s an AI ‘brain drain’ in academia

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The percentage of AI hires hailing from top schools or those with PhDs has halved since 2015, according to a new survey. Big companies like OpenAI and Anthropic seem to be looking far and wide for people to work on AI as demand for talent skyrockets even as layoffs make headlines every week.

Navigate the GenAI era with this startup map

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“The real power of GenAI lies in its ability to lay a foundation for long-term, sustainable success in a constantly evolving landscape,” writes Prosus Group’s Carrie Ryan, laying out a playbook on how to succeed in such a tough market.

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Here’s what to know to raise a Series A right now

BNPL, Qomodo, fintech

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Founders looking to raise a Series A will continue to have a hard time, even though the VC market is looking better, writes Dominic-Madori Davis. “Time goes by fast, and in my experience, this catches a lot of founders unaware. Focus on your metrics immediately,” one VC told her.

Ask Sophie: As an immigrant, how can I work in space tech?

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Dear Sophie,

I’m a citizen of India. I will graduate from a U.S. master’s degree program in the spring. I’m interested in working in space technology and will be applying for jobs in that field while I’m on OPT. I’ve heard that most space tech companies are reluctant to hire individuals on F-1 student visas due to export rules and other compliance issues. How can I one day pursue my dreams?

— Space Savvy

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