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Litecoin (LTC) whales are making their way back into the market once more as the bull market establishes itself. A number of large transactions have been flagged which suggests that these millionaire accounts are coming out to play.

Litecoin On-Chain And Whale Activity Hit 4-Month High

The Litecoin on-chain and whale activity has been on the rise recently, as reported by the on-chain analytics platform Santiment. In the report posted to X (formerly Twitter), Santiment revealed that there had been a big spike in the Litecoin on-chain activity.

The chart shared by the tracker showed the spike taking place in line with the price recovery, which would be the reason why investors are awakening once more. Santiment noted that this recovery in on-chain activity saw address activity on the blockchain, as well as whale activity reaching levels not seen since June, representing a 4-month high in this metric.

Litecoin whales

A total of 319,000 daily addresses were active on the network after this metric dropped drastically in the last few months Additionally, weekly whale transactions, that is transactions carrying more than $100,000 rose and touched a new 4-month high of 7,418.

These are not the only metrics that saw a spike as the dormant LTC address started seeing movement again. These addresses which had previously not seen movement for a while began to move coins around, adding to the current number of coins in circulation.

LTC Ready For A Shoot To $100?

The revival of on-chain activity for Litecoin is a welcome development for the network but it is not exactly bullish. The reason for this is how the LTC price has reacted since this activity commenced, which is not very encouraging.

As the dormant LTC started to move once more, the price began to decline. This suggests that this subset of holders may be selling their coins after holding and waiting for better prices. In this case, the selling pressure has outweighed the demand for the coin.

A continuation of this will likely see the price continue to fall further, and a recovery to $100 is still far off on the horizon. So this recent bout of activity may just be investors choosing to sell rather than coming back to participate in buying.

The LTC price already fell from its $69 level on Thursday to as low as $67 on Friday before mounting a small recovery. Presently, the Litecoin price is sitting at $67.8, representing a 2.14% decrease in the last day.

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