Bitcoin’s surge past $35,000 on the 24th and 25th of October took the crypto world by surprise, as it indicated what might be the beginning of a new bullish sentiment. Trading volumes for the world’s largest cryptocurrency hit their highest levels since March, showing that interest in Bitcoin is booming once more.

The entire crypto market saw an inflow of funds during the week, leading to a surge in market cap. Data from CoinGecko shows that the entire market cap increased from $1.184 trillion on Sunday, October 22, to $1.312 trillion on Wednesday, October 25. Most of this inflow went into Bitcoin, which saw its share of the cryptocurrency market increase from 49.58% to 51.47 % during this same time period. 

Chart From CoinGecko

Daily Crypto Exchange Volumes Reach 8-Month High

The recent boom in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices pushed Bitcoin daily trading volumes on crypto exchanges to their highest level since March. According to The Block’s data dashboard, the seven-day moving average for spot exchange volumes across multiple exchanges hit $24.12 billion on Thursday and $23.98 billion on Friday, respectively. In comparison, Bitcoin trading volume on exchanges was at $11.02 billion on the first day of the month. 

Chart from The Block

A similar metric from IntoTheBlock shows Bitcoin transactions reaching 1.4 million BTC as bulls looked to push Bitcoin to $35,000.

Chart from IntoTheBlock

Trading volumes are an important metric because higher volumes suggest greater interest and activity in a market. It means more people are actively buying and selling, leading to more liquidity and volatility.

Whale activity also increased during this time period, as indicated by on-chain trackers. Whale transaction tracker Whale Alerts has shown various BTC transactions amounting to millions of dollars to and from crypto exchanges. 

BTCUSD trading at $34,187 on the weekend chart:

What’s Next? More Bitcoin Movement?

Bitcoin has since formed a resistance level around $35,000 and is now trading in a range. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $34,150, still up by 14.47% in a 7-day timeframe. While price action seems to be moving sideways at the moment, there are still hopes of continued momentum from the bulls to push BTC past $35,000 in the new week. 

Matt Hougan, CEO of crypto index fund manager Bitwise, has hinted at a further inflow of money into Bitcoin. Hougan makes this prediction on spot Bitcoin ETFs to project an inflow of around $50 billion within the first five years of its launch. Others like crypto financial services platform Matrixport have made more optimistic claims

Data from analytics platform has shown a sustained increase in activity on the BTC network. If bulls continue to maintain a strong push, we could see Bitcoin reach as high as $45,000 in the early days of November.

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