Building an equitable cap table puts more tools in a startup's toolbox

The person a founder chooses to back their company is important beyond the capital these investors provide. Each backer brings specific experiences and networks that can help founders in various ways. Getting the right people involved in a company early is instrumental in helping it grow.

Ashley Mayer, a co-founder and GP at Coalition Operators; Robby Robson, a partner at Cowboy Ventures; and Richie Serna, a co-founder and CEO at fintech startup Finix, took to the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 to discuss why building an equitable cap table is important for startup founders and what that process can look like.

For some, an equitable cap table means specifically seeking out investors who are from nontraditional or underrepresented backgrounds. For others, it means being intentional about picking investors with different experiences or résumés. And often, building an equitable cap table will include a bit of both.

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