A British drone maker plans to launch air taxis in 2026 after raising a whopping $110mn.

Skyports has already flown electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft on delivery and monitoring trials. The new funding brings commercial air taxis closer to the services on offer.

The first flights are slated to take off in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this year, Skyports inked a deal with authorities in Dubai to build four vertiports ahead of the launch of air taxi services in 2026. 

Skyports intends to then bring air taxis into other markets. The company is currently developing the UK’s first vertiport testbed in Oxfordshire and is working on a “middle-mile” drone project with port authorities in the US.

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Skyports can now add a fresh cash injection to the plans.

Commercialising air taxis

A render of the interior of the Dubai vertiport